Motion App

A new way to analyze your Facebook Ads.

I designed Motion App design system as well as prototyping the interactions between each screen. I have designed a brand styleguide as well to showcase the typography and color palette for Motion App

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Product traceability and smart contracts

I designed the Neoflow prototype in Figma by creating re-usable components and hundreds of variants. Prior to that, I managed to design 2 dedicated design system one for Neoflow products and one for Mavennet alternative products.

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Product traceability for metals

I designed the Metaltrail prototype in Figma based on the existing design system of Neoflow.This prototype is related to the overall business scenario from raw materials extraction to consumption of steel downstream

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Metaltrail mobile

responsive web design

I designed the Metaltrail events and origin page as mobile prototype

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Free electron proposal

design proposal for carbon emission

I designed the electron prototype to with pie charts and bar charts to showcase the type of emission that is produced

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park it app

Parking made easy

I designed the information architecture diagram in Balsamiq to and created userflow in Affinity designer to break down the existing information. Afterwards, I created a service blueprint to identity the steps that the user has to take to book a parking spot. Finally I created a design system and reusable components in Figma prior to design a prototype.

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TD My Spend App

Save money with data insight

TD My Spend is an app that helps users keep track of their money so they can improve their spending habits. I remotely collaborated with Vanessa Tan and Shaina Danzinger to re-design the TD banking app.

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